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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why aren't there more new pianos on Lots of Pianos?
    Many manufacturers do not permit their dealers to advertise prices lower than the MSRP online or quote lower than the MSRP over the phone. This is done to protect the dealers in each territory from "stealing" business from their neighbours.
  2. What is the MSRP?
    Many piano (and other instrument) manufacturers have a suggested retail price or MSRP which is in effect only what the manufacturer believes the starting retail price should be and what dealers are not allowed to advertise for less than MSRP.
  3. How can I tell if the piano I am looking at is a good piano?
    As a starting point, research the brand. Talk to your teacher, your friends, local technicians, and anyone else that is knowledgeable about pianos. There are many sources for information online, you can start with pianobuyer.com, and the pianoworld.com forums.
  4. Should I buy a piano sight unseen?
    Yes, but only if you are comfortable with it. Pianos, especially used ones, are all unique so it is important to learn about it before you buy. Have a registered technician inspect the piano, it might the best $150-200 you spend on the instrument. Once you are comfortable with the piano and its report, negotiate a price with the seller. Schedule the movers and meet them with the seller to exchange the money.
  5. The person has asked me to send the money Western Union or paypal, is this safe?
    No, it is likely a scam.
  6. How do I get the piano to my home after I have purchased it?
    Call a mover that specializes in pianos and is insured for them, not just on a per pound basis. Find a mover in our movers section.